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Renowned Psychic Medium-

Psychic Gallery 1:00pm. Saturday

Kaya J- Psychic Medium


Kaya J is a Clear Psychic Channeler, Intuitive

Soul Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Shamanic Healer who also offers Yoga, basic Astrology, and change work through Hypnotherapy.


She is a conduit of messages from your highest


Divine Light Entourage uncovering and releasing you from blocks while guiding you on a path of healing.

Those that experience healing guidance with Kaya J feel enveloped in Love-Light, confidence, comfort, support, direction, empowered and a beautiful sense of self.

Kaya J's intent is to assist you with your awakening process by shedding Light on questions that come forward while on your life journey.


She encourages you to adapt new ways of seeing infinite possibilities of change to live your Authentic-Self.


Advance Tickets $30.



At the Door $35




Shangri-La Crafts and Gifts

Shangri-La Crafts and Gifts is a small business run by a Tibetan family in Mounds View, Minnesota. Before moving to the United States, I worked in an exports company in Nepal for more than 15 years, helping customers (importers) find different merchandise and doing quality control for them. My past experience and contacts with artisans - grass root suppliers in Nepal and India helped me to bring high-quality products, yet reasonably priced to my customers in United States. 

It all started in August 2015, when my good friend gave me a small singing bowl as a gift. It was beautiful but very poor quality thus hard to make it sing. He told me he bought the bowl online and I started looking for Singing bowl online. To my surprises I found many cheap qualities made in China and the ones with good quality highly overpriced. That is when I decided to start my own business beginning of 2017. I started at craft shows, street fairs and other shows. People responded well to my products, prices and services. 

We carry all kind of genuine Tibetan singing bowls, Jewelry, Clothing, Bags and handicrafts from the Himalayan region. We always buy our products directly from small family run businesses and artisans in Nepal. Most of our products are designed by me, here in Minnesota. 




My name is Diane Goossen,
I own and operate a business called (If Just for Today, Relax)
With a history of caring for and wanting to help people, I became a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner. A Reiki Practitioner channels healing energy to a person activation natural healing and restores physical and emotional well being.
Knowing that stress causes ailment to the mind, body, and soul, I obtained certification as a Vibration Sound Therapist using a technique to relax an individual on a whole new level. Introducing sound waves from singing bowls directly into the body along with soothing ambient tones creates effects ranging from a meditative state to deep relaxation. VST is much less physically intrusive than hands on massage.
Being able to help relax and heal people brings an unmeasurable amount of joy to my soul.

Pauline Nguyen-Intuitive Medium

Pauline is an Intuitive Medium. Based on the Client's questions, she will either do an Oracle/ Tarot reading, or an I-Ching reading, or a combination of both.  You can view sample I-Ching questions on her website



Carpe Diem

Welcome to the Carpe Diem Family!

Our unique farm-to-shelf products enrich the mind and body so you can Seize the Day in complete wellness.

We understand and are empathetic to those who cannot live life to the fullest. Therefore, our team is dedicated to solving the growing challenges that affect the mind and body. Seize The Day with us





Earth Gypsy Bazaar

I carry metaphysical items ....healing crystals, meditation pillows, tapestries, chakra jewelry, chakra tank drums, Tibetan singing bowls, bohemian clothing, pendulums, up cycled bags made from military canvas

Kaya J-Psychic Medium

Kaya J is a Clear Psychic Channeler, Intuitive

Soul Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Shamanic Healer who also offers Yoga, basic Astrology, and change work through Hypnotherapy.

She is a conduit of messages from your highest

Divine Light Entourage uncovering and releasing you from blocks while guiding you on a path of healing.

Those that experience healing guidance with Kaya J feel enveloped in Love-Light, confidence, comfort, support, direction, empowered and a beautiful sense of self.

Kaya J's intent is to assist you with your awakening process by shedding Light on questions that come forward while on your life journey.


She encourages you to adapt new ways of seeing infinite possibilities of change to live your Authentic-Self.




Creative Rose

Expo service and products 

Intuitive Art / What I Do

In 30 minutes I’ll ask your guides guardians & angels for a messages/guidance that serves your highest good in this now moment.

They’ll give me a vision; I’ll paint the vision in watercolor. Then write a short description, on the back of the piece, of what the vision represents.

$33 for intuitive Art on 4”x6” paper


Now open for commissions of personalized 



 - Watercolor, Acrylic


 - Graphite, Chalk

Crystal Wire Wrapping



Spiritual Pieces

Personal Requests


Spiritual Art Prints / Products

A large selection of spiritual art prints will be available for purchase at the  Creative Rose booth.

$44 for 8”x10” print

$55 for 10”x10” print


Please note that 30% of all Creative Rose proceeds go towards humanitarian projects.


Be the Light . Be the Change . Be the Love

            You wish to see in our world


Artist Bio


Rylee Slivicki, owner of Creative Rose, and a Minister of Divine Healing Heart Ministry is a self taught spiritual artist that uses


everything and anything (chalk, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, sculpture, wire, mix media, etc. ) to bring love and light to this world.

She’s always loved art because it gives individuals the ability to self express beyond words, and hopes to bring about change through art that

speaks to the soul.



Kayla Michele-Psychic Medium

Kayla Michaele is a talented Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Presenter in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities

area of Minnesota.  As a Psychic reader, Kayla’s direct and honest style allows clients to navigate through

the “fluff” and get down to the core issues or questions. “We get so inundated with extra ‘stuff’ and perceptions

that we often mask what our real issues or questions are,” she explains. “Once we realize our true desired

question, Spirit can then help us determine and go forward with our Soul’s higher purpose in any given situation.”

In her readings, Kayla dips into what she calls her ‘spiritual tool box’ and draws upon her psychic, empathic

and mediumship abilities to best serve her clients.  “Each client and situation is different,” she explains.

“When I meet with a client, the first thing I do is ask Spirit how to best communicate with this person. 

Just as some people learn through reading, talking or doing, some clients need me to tell them what

I ‘see’ or ‘feel.’ Others may need me to literally draw out the information that I am receiving.”

Every session is packed with useful and down-to-earth information.  Kayla points out that she has never

been known to “mince or sugarcoat” her words.  While her readings are straightforward and honest, the

information is delivered with understanding – and always with a dash of humor.  “Listen, if we can’t

find the littlest bit of humor in a situation or laugh at ourselves, we tend to become too serious and overwhelmed.”



Kelly Larson-Healer

Certified Past Life Regression Specialist


EOS Aura Healing
Now Patent Pending


Kelly Larson is a certified Past Life Regression specialist on mission to help uncover the hidden potential within. By providing safe and comfortable sessions, clients are able to explore their past lives in order to better understand life purpose and identify any issues from previous lifetimes that may be affecting them today. With supportive guidance, participants can find resolution and empowerment for the future!


What is Past Life Regression?
Are you curious about your past lives? Do you want to know who you were in a previous life? Past life regression is a technique that can help you uncover memories of your past lives.

Many people believe that we have all lived many lives before this one. That each life is like a chapter in a book, and that through Reincarnation, we are able to learn lessons and grow as souls.

Are you curious about your past lives? Do you want to know who you were in a previous life? Past life regression is a technique that can help you answer these questions and more.

Past life regression is not just for fun. It can actually help you understand your current life situation and solve problems that have been bothering you for a long time. It can also help you to develop your spiritual side and connect with your higher self.

Past life regression is a powerful tool that can help us to remember our past lives and gain insight into our current situation. It can also be used for healing purposes, to release any negative energy or trauma that may be holding you back.

If you are ready to explore your past lives, then Past Life Regression is for you! This powerful technique can help you unlock the memories of your previous lives and gain insights that can improve your current life.

I'll also be available for consultations to discuss your specific needs for other services offered in my Crystal Doorway Healing Room in Shakopee, MN.

We all accumulate negative energies through life. Perhaps even carry some forward from past lives. But we don't need to continue the cycle.




Anne Brady-Cronin Psychic Coach, Facilitator, Healer, Speaker


Welcome, I am delighted to be your escort into the depth of your Soul, the truth of your stories, and the light of your Spirit.

I work as a psychic coach, facilitator, healer, speaker, a medium, shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher, bodyworker, life and business coach, hypnotherapist, PSYCH K practitioner and more.

I’m a healer. Not because I have magical powers, but because I’m willing to allow Source energy to move through me, to others, as a conduit for healing.  I don’t heal people, people heal themselves. I simply facilitate the healing process in a variety of ways, depending on what people need.

My goal in my work has always been — and continues to be — to meet my clients where they are and not dictate where that is, or should be, based on my own agenda.  A very wise teacher of mine always said, “Keep your map in your back pocket, it never belongs on your client’s journey.” I do my very best at all times to live this wisdom in my practice.

I welcome all who are drawn and called to my work to take an active role in creating their own path and the life they desire for themselves. How this expresses will be different for each and every one of us, myself included. For this reason, I come from a “there is more than enough” philosophy.  Because:

    We all want different things to be true in our lives,
    Each of us has a unique vibrational fingerprint in this Universe,
    Our alignment allows us to draw to us what is ours to experience, and there is always more than enough for everyone, myself included.

My work begins with acknowledging where you are.  In order to know where you are going we need to know where you’re starting from in order to know when you have arrived at where you want to be.  In other words, we need to be able to track your path.

I teach and affirm personal responsibility in action; who are YOU in your story?  In order to see our lives with clarity, we must first learn to see ourselves.  As we move along our journey of life, exploring and discovering as we go, we become more equipped to use our multitude of senses and Divine resources to navigate and chart our course.


As we begin to experience our own abilities to chart our course and to draw to us what is ours to live, I will lead you into a point of clarity about yourself, about those you have chosen to journey with (in light and here on the planet) and about what your Spirit energy holds in vibration.  I invite you to leave behind that which no longer serves you and see yourself as the Creation energy you truly are!

Let’s begin.

Anne is a direct channel psychic coach and medium. Her work focuses on helping people identify their old patterns and inner story lines to help free them to their goals and desires. Connecting people with their Divine Guidance System including passed on loved ones, Anne helps heal the past and give accurate and practical guidance for your future.
for more information see her at  or reach her at 320-250-9402, and on FB and Instragram @annebradycronin

Discover Chiropractic

About Discover Chiropractic

We Believe in You

At Discover Chiropractic, we believe everyone has the innate ability to create optimal health and wellness, without drugs or surgery. Our practice philosophy is built on these beliefs:

•    We believe in helping you get relief from your pain.

•    We believe your time is valuable.

•    We believe you should be seen the same day you call.

•    We believe in having fun at work.

•    We believe in taking care of your insurance claims, so you don’t have to.

•    We believe in listening to you.

•    We believe in walk-in appointments.

•    We believe in minimizing paperwork.

•    We believe in greeting you by name.

•    We believe in you.

Healthy Patients, Thriving Community

Our husband-and-wife team, Dr. Cuong Huynh and Dr. Deb Bobendrier, met while attending Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. They graduated in 2006 and worked in Washington, before relocating to Mankato in 2007 to open a practice closer to where Dr. Bobendrier grew up.

The intention for our practice is to build a thriving community by helping every person we see attain their highest health potentials without drugs or surgery. Dr. Huynh and Dr. Bobendrier are Advanced Proficient certified in Activator Methods® and use this adjusting technique exclusively.

We’re happy to help you get out of pain, but we love helping you stay out of pain.

Discover Chiropractic | (507) 720-0742


Holistic care for Balanced Well-being.


Bridget B.-We offer holistic and ethical alternative healing programs which focus on all elements of balance and well-being. We treat you as a whole.

I will be offering:

  • Oracle card readings

  • Channeled medium messages

  • Angel messages









Angels Gather Here-Gail Glover, Energy Heal


I strongly believe we all have the ability to help ourselves achieve a higher level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

I direct angelic healing energy, creating a space where clients can feel very safe and very relaxed. They can allow themselves to let their mind go and to let this time be just about them and what they need. They can have a level of connection with themselves which is where self-healing happens.

I’m an Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner, have studied with Energy Medicine Specialists, with Carol Lowell and Echo Bodine for Intuitive Healing and also with Qigong Master Chunyi Lin who developed Spring Forest Qigong.



Shaw Bella, LLC.

Description of service:

Vibrational energy healings using the tuning forks to balance and tune the body.


Tuning Fork Therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and mind and restore inner balance and health. It works with the nervous system, the tissues, and the more subtle energies of the body. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and can offer long-term benefits.

Sherri was born a healer with a brilliant healing energy that radiates out to everyone who comes in contact with her. Facilitator of healing and coaching, she helps people to see how powerful and in control of their own destiny they truly are. She encourages them to return to their passions and purpose in a way that brings them back to a life of fulfillment, vibrancy, love and liberation.


She is a Spiritual Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Shaman, Intuitive Energy Healer, Tarot Reader & international bestselling author.

Join Shaw to discover how taking responsibility for our own lives means taking our power back, which gives us the ability to create a fulfilling and empowered life!






Natural Healing

Natural Healing Candles, Oils, Sage, Books, Salt Lamps & Music~ Finding the right book is easy, these books have been hand selected for the Expo, featuring topics on Life after Death, Angels, Ascension, Science & Spirituality, New Age, Crystals, Chakras, and more.  From Mother Nature, Himalayan Salt Lamps, produces negative ions that are good for you, and is a renewable resource.   100% Pure Palm wax Candles to work on your Chakras, with essential oil, sweet grass. sage, banners, elixirs, tapestries, jewelry, crystals,  & more. Native American Tools for metaphysical work. Florida water, stones, tapestries, Pendulums, Orgonite, Organic Lotions, Elixirs, and Colloidal Silver





Divine Creations


Each Divine Creations pendulum is handcrafted with intention and meaning. The stones used in our products are selected with intention and contain healing properties that are matched with an angel number for added guidance and inspiration. Every creation is divinely designed and created to be as unique as its owner.   

Pendulums work by bringing subconscious energy into conscious awareness to give you the answers to questions you may have and inner growth. Pendulums may be helpful in reflection or meditation. They are an effective tool to calm your mind and open your heart.

Inga Ulmer-Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Runes.




Frannie the Healer

Francoise (Frannie) Dassier, Master Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Teacher, Medium, Psychic Past Life Regression Specialist and co-founder of EnergyWorks Intuitive Healers. She is  passionate about healing being accessible to everyone on the planet. She has been called a "miracle worker" due to her amazing ability to connect with the angels and masters to activate powerful healing and transformation. She is highly intuitive and has a remarkable ability to read people's energy. Her specialties include; energy healing (releasing of stuck energy stress, trauma), past life reading & regressions, medium, ancestral lineage reading/ healing, Unique Psychic intuitive readings in alignment with spiritual laws, healer mentoring and spiritual guidance, negative entity energy removal, space blessing clearing, ceremonies, sacred attunements, classes available.


Certified in:

IET 1,2,3 Angelic Reiki Master Teacher 1,2,3,4 Pranic Healing Level 1, Qi Gong Level1, TCM Foundations, Herbal Studies Foundations and Hypnotherapy, Donna Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, Angelic Vajra, Celestial Chakra Healing, Shamanic healing, Munay Ki Rights




Kim Weaver-Psychic Medium


Young Living

Don't miss Scott's  Essential Oil Seminar Saturday at 3:30



Young Living Essential Oils... The Leading Natural & Organic Medicine For Reversing Chronic Degenerative

Conditions & Restoring Emotional, Mental & Physical Health.

Presented By Scott Lindgren. 

Scott Lindgren has worked personally and professionally with Essential Oils for over 9 years with people and animals nationwide. Scott has participated and assisted many seminars on natural health across the nation.

Scott’s practical and no non-sense teaching style makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand how Essential Oils and natural medicine can simply be integrated into your daily life. Come and learn about natures medicine that other countries have been using for centuries in preventing and treating allergies, colds, flu, injuries, viruses and more serious health challenges.  





Namaste Ray



Namaste Therapy - Ray is a Chi and Crystal Energy Therapist who provides custom crystals to help you balance your Chakras, improve sleep, and keep you energetically cleared.  Crystals and gemstones will be available for purchase.



Sunshine on Cedar

Reiki Master








David Thomas & Nicole Crosby

Nicole has been drawn to healing since 2003 when she began her own journey of self healing when medical doctors could not explain her painful joints & sub-acute joint swelling which made engaging in every day life a struggle.  Through diet, movement, crystals  & essential oils she began to discover self healing. These lead to her discover of energy work in 2012 & her reiki training began. She is now a certified reiki master & is grateful to bring reiki & energy work to others on their own path of discovery.

Nicole continues to use essential oils, crystals, movement & reiki to assist in her own personal spiritual growth & healing.

For sessions you can visit my facebook page Divine Source Energy & Reiki or contact me at 507-766-5800

David Thomas first started his interest and studies in Reiki and the Chakras in 2008. He received his Reiki Master/Teacher certificate in 2011.   He is a professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training. He is a certified teacher and practitioner in Usui / Holy Fire, as well as a Registered Karuna® Reiki  Master.

Reiki is a practice for stress reduction and relaxation that helps promote healing. It is based on the idea of life energy. Everything that is alive has life energy in it. When your life energy is high, you feel strong, healthy, balanced and happy. When the energy is low you feel weak and are less alert and more prone to make mistakes, feel less competent and get sick more easily. Reiki is a method of restoring one's life energy. You can do this either through a session or work on your own self-practice once you have learned how.

David is dedicated to providing compassionate care, and to mentoring students as qualified and caring practitioners who will contribute to the healing and welfare of all living beings.

David’s studio is in Belle Plaine, MN and he travels for his clients and students throughout the metro and surrounding area.

•  David does Chakra balancing, alignment and recharging the Chakra’s with a process called color fill.








Psychic Readings



Aura Photos by Annette



Aura Photos~ Knowing your Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships and for self discovery.  Getting to know this awesome tool can help you with positive personal growth, career choices and remarkable insight regarding your true life purpose. 


What Color is Your Aura?! Everyone has one and knowing your specific Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships and for self-discovery. Getting to know this awesome tool can help you with positive personal growth, career and relationship choices and to give remarkable insight regarding your true life purpose, creating a healthier you!

As a nationally-known visionary, medium, psychic, intuitive healer and author, Annette Bruchu enjoys mentoring and helping people learn about who they are and empowering them to be true to themselves and their birth color. Annette utilizes her Digital Aura and Chakra Imaging System to capture the frequency of your energy, so you are able to see your energy field displayed live and in color on a computer screen before your photo is captured and a multi-page report of the true meaning of your energy field is printed out.

With the information provided in the report, along with additional insight from Annette, you will find out what the specific colors and energy frequencies in your Aura say about You!
To discover your true colors, visit our booth, Aura Photos by Annette, and see
for yourself what your Aura says about You!







Southern Minnesota Thermography










PT Rocks & Gems




Let the girls help you connect to your loved ones and guides who can help you find direction and motivation in your career, relationships and life.


Grateful Dowsing-Frank DiCristina



Grateful Dowsing - Frank DiCristina~ Having a session with Frank has been life changing for many clients. When sound is directly applied to the body and aura field, clients often find issues that were present for years were finally released. Sometimes vibrational energy is just what is needed to get things moving. Sound healing with Body Energetics represents a natural, alternative, holistic approach to wellness for body, mind and spirit. 

Grateful Dowsing / BioMat Network is a company that does environmental stress assessments, Harmonic Sound Therapy, Crystal therapy, Reiki and Healing Touch. The personal work is done on a massage table. Himalayan Singing Bowls are placed around the client while they lie on an infrared pad with 17 lbs. of Amethyst. It is a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

Dowsing rods, cures as well as other items are also for sale.



Jorge Villanueva Castillo - The "Sol Fire Shaman"



Jorge Villanueva Castillo - The "Sol Fire Shaman"

Jorge is a gifted healer, powerful shaman, energy worker, channeler, mentor, and spiritual teacher.  He is not only a Mystic of the ages but also a loving family man and great friend to many.  His heart is always giving and his door is always open.  

Jorge was born into a lineage of Mayan shamanic healers in Progreso Yucatan Mexico.  At a very young age he began healing others through traditional shamanic methods and quickly developed a sense of the Spirit world.   He has always naturally experienced shifts in consciousness and could see energy, multiple dimensions, spirits, auras and disturbances inside the physical body.  As a medical intuitive, he found he could energetically shift the physical into the perfect ethereal body to bring about healing. Jorge also frequently works with Angels, Jesus, other Ascended Masters and light beings.

Through additional training over the years and spiritual intuitive guidance, Jorge now incorporates other modalities into his healing sessions, including Reiki, Hands on Healing, Cranial Sacral, Quantum Touch, Crystal Healings, Healing of past and future lives, and Spiritual Surgery.  In recent years, he broke through another layer and was given the gift of bringing people to a zero point field where great transformation occurs.  This is called "dropping" as people will drop to the ground suddenly when they enter the zero point, the source energy.

Jorge feels called to share healing techniques and Divine teachings, as channeled from God and other higher sources, with those who are seeking to learn.  He leads regular meditations, classes and ceremonies for those interested.  

*Spirit Walkers Shamanic Healing offers powerful healings by Sol Fire Shaman Jorge Villanueva Castillo with a team of Healers & Shamans working on each person.


Don't Miss the  Shamanic Healing Circle @ 4:45pm Saturday Presented by Sol Fire Shaman & his Spirit Walkers. advance tickets:$25