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Saturday's Keynote Speaker

1 pm Liz Potter- Spirit Medium, Intuitive Healer

Understanding Crystal Children

$25 Advance online at Ticketbud- Or $30 at the door.

Like many of you, Liz wants to live in a world filled with peace and compassion. At times, this may feel like a hopeless dream considering recent events.  Luckily, humanity has been given gifts in the form of The Crystal Children. They are here to help us evolve towards peace and harmony. Liz's mission is to educate parents, teachers, and caregivers about the Crystal Children.  Thus, empowering the Crystals to confidently generate the changes and shifts they were sent here to create.  Effectively facilitating the transition towards peace and compassion, across the globe.

You may be surprised to learn that Liz spent much of her 20's in a linear thought pattern.  Best described as black and white, with very little grey area. Of course, spending 3 years as a Police Officer and 6 years as an Emergency Communications Officer can create a thought process conducive to linearity. Not until she became a mother for the first time, did that all begin to unravel. Liz's eldest daughter is a fierce representation of a Crystal Child. Her second born, is also a combination of high vibrational energies, as an Indigo and Crystal hybrid.  Further unraveling the linear thinking, Liz gained awareness of how to communicate with the spirit of those who have crossed over. Meeting with several hundred clients, Liz observed an obvious trend. All but a handful of clients received messages regarding the Crystal Children. Later, a soul reading by a mentor, revealed that Liz was appointed  "Mother" to the Crystal Children and serves as an advocate for them.

When not in workshops or meeting with clients, Liz enjoys running, and being in the great outdoors. She and her family take in camping, fishing, and the trails, that northern Minnesota offers.

Liz currently offers 1/2 day workshops: "Enlightened Empaths", " The Crystal Children" , and "Nurturing and Parenting the Crystal Children".  As well as Spirit Readings, Reiki energy healing and expanded awareness coaching.

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Featured Speaker - Saturday 2:30pm &

Sunday 2:30pm

Experience the New Mayan Fire with Sol Fire Shaman Jorge Villanueva Castillo

$20 advance tickets, $25 at the Door.

Advance tickets at this link:

Jorge is a gifted healer, powerful shaman, energy worker, channeler, and spiritual teacher. Jorge was born into a lineage of Mayan shamanic healers in Progresso, Yucatan Mexico.  At a young age he began healing others through traditional shamanic methods and quickly developed a sense of the Spirit world.  

He has always naturally experienced shifts in consciousness and could see energy, multiple dimensions, spirits,auras and disturbances inside the physical body.  As a medical intuitive, he found he could energetically shift the physical into the perfect ethereal body to bring about healing.

Jorge also frequently works with Angels, Jesus, other Ascended Masters and light beings.  Jorge now incorporates other modalities into his healing sessions, including Reiki, Hands on Healing, Cranial Sacral, Quantum Touch & Crystal Healings, Healing of past and future lives, and Spiritual Surgery. 

In recent years, he broke through another layer and was given the gift of bringing people to a zero point field where great transformation occurs.  This is called "dropping" as people will drop to the ground suddenly when they enter the zero point, the source energy.

Jorge is a member of Spirit Walkers, a a team of shamans and light workers who collaborate with community to expand awareness, center in the heart and spark the creator within through shamanic based full moon and Equinox/Solstice events, healings, classes & retreats.
Spirit Walkers come together to walk with and guide others on their spiritual path through a mix of ancient shamanic methods & other divinely guided practices, including  healing, ceremony, drumming, meditation, astrology, chanting, mantras, channeling, and more.
"When we walk the path to the sun, the light of our essence, the moon of emotions brings humbleness from the elements, making us balanced.  Looking through the
Nature of the Soul, we are a mirror of the cosmic Shamans, we are the coming stars and Masters, here to create new stories." - Jorge Villanueva Castillo



Saturday Night LIVE-  7:00pm

Tibetan Bowl Harmonic Therapy/Meditation


The Encore Performance of Frank DiCristina. $20 Advance Tickets $25 at the door.  


Experience the mystical magical harmonics of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls. The vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, Forks, Tingshas & Bells  have the harmonic resonance to energetically bring your body back into alignment with it's higher blueprint. An out of this world experience-

Bring a yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow for comfort.

Advance Tickets $20 &  At the Door $25.



Sunday's Keynote Speaker

1pm Sunday, Dec 3- Robert Baca -Psychic Medium Gallery

$25 advance on line tickets, $30 @ Door.

Robert Baca was born with psychic gifts, but was not encouraged to use them. After surviving a life threatening accident in May of 2000. his life was changed forever, and the use of his psychic abilities could no longer be suppressed. The visions and messages from spirits close to people around him became overwhelming. Using Robert as a communicator to those in the physical world, they insisted upon passing their messages to their loved ones. To seek greater understanding of this, Robert met with a psychic by the name of Terri Harlan who is from Janesville,Iowa, who taught him how to use these gifts to help others.

He learned that his gifts were similar to those of world-renowned psychics such as John Edward and James Van Praagh. He has conducted readings and delivered messages from the other side for those who seek this communication and validation of their loved ones who have crossed over. Communication of love and appreciation is often transferred to those who attend the gallery shows and private sessions.

Robert is the proud father of three beautiful Angels.

"Continually, I am filled with gratitude to be able to help others to connect and communicate in this way. The spiritual world has been, and continues to be, a great teacher for both others and myself. Being involved with this work keeps me connected to the Divine, and offers hope, validation, and appreciation through this important communication to the spiritual realm," Robert said in a recent appearance in Des Moines, IA. For those who are seeking comfort by connecting with the other side, may the pure Light of Love and Divine Protection be with you always!

After many television and public appearances, and hundreds of readings. Robert continues to astound believers and skeptics alike. Robert has become one of the best known psychic mediums in the Midwest.

Robert can be contacted at: 


$25 Advance online at Ticketbud- Or $30 at the door.